Hot Air Heating and More in Estrie, Montreal and Quebec City

Your company's heating systems need to provide you with optimal performance in every situation. Our expertise at Pyro-Air Ltd. allows you to enjoy optimal performance of your devices, wherever you are in Quebec. Get in touch with us for the servicing, repair and maintenance of hot air heaters. Contact our offices in Estrie, Montreal or Quebec City today.

We have been dealing with the manufacturer Hastings for more than 40 years, a partner whose products have proven their efficiency for industrial and commercial buildings.

Furnace Maintenance, Servicing and Repair

Our team provides a full service for all types of 100,000 to 4,000,000 BTU hot air heaters, whether oil, propane or natural gas powered. With rising fuel prices, it is even more important for your company to obtain optimal performance from your heaters.

Improve Your Company’s Energy Performance

As specialists in the field, our team has a proven track record for helping many customers substantially improve their energy performance. Since we focus on improving the management of your existing systems, our services are cost effective and lead to considerable heating expense reductions.

Air Replacement Units

The supply of fresh air inside a building is necessary to ensure adequate air quality for employees and to compensate for the air that is mechanically or naturally evacuated. Air replacement units represent a significant energy expense for businesses. We help you optimize this system according to your actual need, based on the periods of activity of the plant. You can save money on energy costs!

Maintenance, Repairs and Servicing

Our fleet of 25 vehicles features state-of-the-art equipment and an inventory of parts commonly needed for service calls throughout Quebec.

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