Energy Analysis in Quebec City, Montreal and Estrie – GHG Reduction and Energy Savings

Pyro-Air Ltd. offers an energy analysis service for companies in the regions of Quebec, Montreal, Estrie and elsewhere in the province. We document and analyze the energy consumption of your operations, and make recommendations supported by the data collected. This expertise allows us to give you potential savings forecasts based on implementation of recommended measures.

Note that it is possible to obtain financial assistance from Énergir (Gaz Métro) for an energy analysis and the implementation of energy-efficient measures (for natural gas appliances). Contact us for more information!

Solutions for Energy Efficiency

We have solid expertise in researching and implementing solutions to improve the energy efficiency of industrial installations. Over the years, we have carried out several projects where the implementation of our recommendations has increased the energy performance of heating appliances and industrial processes, in addition to generating substantial savings.

Reduction of Greenhouse Gases

Pyro-Air Ltd. received an award at the 2010 Énergia Gala in the category "GESte durable-Secteur industriel" (sustainable action in the industrial sector), for the design, manufacture and marketing of a GHG reduction device. Being environmentally conscious, we focus on finding solutions that enable the application of government standards – an inherent part of our vision of the future for the company.

Maintenance, Repairs and Servicing

Our fleet of 25 vehicles features state-of-the-art equipment and an inventory of parts commonly needed for service calls throughout Quebec.

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